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Torus 7.0 is based on current Windows technologies and has facilities that run on desktops, Webs and mobile devices. That means that you can use desktop PCs to operate the heavy-loading office works, use Webs in fields to browse and add/modify partial data remotely, and use mobile devices (cellphones or pads) to check for data at the same time, all possibly remostely. Click here for details.

Torus Export Trade System v6.1
ET6.1 Free Trial

If you are in the export trade business, you are welcomed to immediately download the latest version of ET6.1. Try and you will appreciate how and why ET6.1 is an excellent choice.

Torus General Ledger System v4.1
GL4.1 Free Trial

Integrating accounting system with the front-end operations of export trade, GL4.1 gives you the efficiency you have long desired and the effectiveness you need for managing your business. It is also unique in being able to generate reports in both English and Chinese.

ET6.1 Web: Availability of Your Company

Transforms valuable product data into an instant Web catalog, a dynamic and comprehensive display of the breadth and depth of your product line. Improves your presence and performance. Best weapon in marketing. A showroom accessible from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you have business information on the Web servicing customers around the clock and keeping vendors informed of your orders and schedules. Click here for screen shots.

Torus Message Archive

All issues of Torus Message are stored here for easy reference. Torus Message is a very useful bulletin that reports on the enhancements of Torus Export Trade System and other useful stuff to help users become more efficient and productive.

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2023-11-02: (ET7.0)
General: Inventory-based Operations

We have upgraded the inventory operations in ET7.0 (now ET7.5). Now your stock-in orders will be formally received at warehouses, inspected (skippable) and stocked in inventory. Data from theses operations will be exported to R/Ds and then become accounts payable. On the other hand, your orders and invoices may need to stock out from inventory. They will be done through pick list.

2023-04-19: (ET7.0)
ET7ET514 Purchase Orders

The signature scribble is normally encircled inside the signature block. Here is an option to allow taller signature. See our explanation for code SIGNATURE-FILE-HEIGHT in ET7ET514-GENRE and the 68th character in ET7ET514-GENRE-GENRE.

2022-10-14: (ET7.0)
ET7ET412, ET7ET514, ET7ET613 S/Cs, P/Os, Invoices, Packing Lists

When generating documents, you can apply specific options settings for some customers by checking "use customer document settings". This is convenient and can prevent errors. See Torus Message No. 0612 for details.

2022-07-05: (ET7.0)
ET7ET412 S/C Gross Profit Reports

The option of embedding item images is provided now.

2022-04-16: (GL5.0)
Gl5Gl62 薪資條

每期薪資條除列印之外, 可以直接 email 至員工信箱.

2022-04-16: (ET7.0)
Et7Et911 Customer/supplier summaries

We are now using macro-free templates (customer.xltx and supplier.xltx) for these two Excel export jobs.

2022-04-09: (ET7.0)
Et7Et112 Product catalog on Word

In creating Word-based product catalog, we now skip Excel as the intermediary and directly create the Word document. The result is the same but the process is clearer and simpler.

2022-04-07: (ET7.0)
Et7Et312 Quotation on Excel

Macro-free templates are now used, for Excel exports of quotations and photo offers.

2022-04-02: (ET7.0)
Et7Et613 Excel exports

For Excel exports of shipping documents and alternative documents, we start to use macro-free templates. The change means more accurate outputs for complicated documents.

2022-03-29: (ET7.0)
Et7Et514 Excel exports

We have switched to use the non-macro template TorusPo.xltx for all Pro Forma P/Os, P/Os and Alternative P/Os. The former template TorusPo.xltm is discarded. Macro-embedded templates are easier to be tampered and less safe.